"a polished standout album, a testament that the neofolk genre is still capable of seminal work." - Heathen Harvest, USA

"...a strong, well-produced album, which from my point of view is one of their best." - NonPop, Germany

"It's an uplifting and spirited recording fusing acoustic folk with a pop sheen that shines throughout Napoleonic Blues." - Compulsion, UK

"This album has an important collection of really catchy choruses...The result is stunning." - Mentenebre, Spain

Richard Leviathan, formerly of STRENGTH THROUGH JOY, has enjoyed a long creative affiliation with Douglas Pearce of Death In June, who released Strength Through Joy’s single “Dark Rose” and two albums in the mid 1990’s. Leviathan and Pearce collaborated on Death in June’s Kapo! and Scorpion Wind with Boyd Rice and John Murphy in 1996. Ostara has been Leviathan’s solo project since 2002 with six previous releases that have firmly established him in the Neofolk genre. "Evocative titles, intellectually stimulating poetry, strong melodies, a feel for language, smooth clear voices and a polished professional sound characterise the work of Ostara." 




Release date: 31/01/017

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The Music of Richard Leviathan

The album Eclipse of the West May 29th 2020 

The eight album, ‘Eclipse of the West’, is an uncompromising confrontation with the Zeitgeist, brimming from start to end with a sense of tragic urgency. Inspired by the Sturm und Drang movement, singer songwriter, Richard Leviathan, weaves a barbed thread through the centuries, from the battle cry of the Norse god Wieland to the contemporary echoes of failed Utopias, mass Narcissism, the loss of love and the death of hope. This is an album for the times, a bleak yet stirring harbinger of a dark new decade.

Release date: (29th May, 2020).

• Solar Gold 180g 12" vinyl
• High quality, super-audiophile disc – German pressing!
• Sturdy cardboard sleeve
• Reverse board printed cover
• Inner sleeve printed in colour, and containing all song lyrics
• Inner sleeve made from special untreated paper
• Vinyl labels printed in colour
• The CD contains the studio album‘Eclipse Of The West’
• CD in slipcase
• Postcard, signed and individually inscribed.
• Hand-numbered by Richard Leviathan
• Personally signed by Richard Leviathan
• Strictly limited to 500 copies

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